Interior Designing




The course is designed with the global study of interior design current scenario. Cadence professional experts help you achieve your goal.

Cadence academy, Wadhaman Nagar provides an interior design course in Nagpur. As the construction industry has been growing by leaps and bounds there has been an infinite scope for interior designers. In the present scenario, with varied preferences of people, interior design has come up with challenging and promising career opportunities. There is a need for the Education of Interior Design to meet the developmental requirements and aspirations of the society which is rapidly growing. Adequate facilities for training Interior Designers have become a matter of urgency. Interior Design education which calls for a creative approach must expose a student to the total environment and develop a philosophy consistent with the traditions, indigenous technology, and social and economic needs of the people.
The demand for qualified Interior Designers is growing and at the same time, there are no facilities for Interior Design education. A large number of candidates seeking admission, who otherwise are fully capable of pursuing the course of studies in the interior have to be turned away for the lack of adequate facilities for interior design education.
There is, therefore an urgent need to bring the standards of Interior design education to a level commensurate with the needs of the time. The ultimate aim of the training is to educate creative, competent, self-reliant professionals and the development of the field.

One Year Program

  • Course Learning:
    • A student gets to understand the technical prospects and essential framework that what an interior designer actually do in market.
    • The student gets to know the essential knowledge of measurement, design, construction and execution.
    • Practical learning by incorporating real-life requirements.
    • The student gets to study the basic software which is by all means necessary for designing.
  • Scope:
    • Designing home interiors
    • Working as a freelance interior designer
    • Furniture Designer
  • Eligibility:
    • 10th Pass

Two Year Program

  • Course Learning:
    • Designing an existing space with furniture, art, finishes and accessories.
    • Designing complete interior environment including the location of the walls, the design of the lighting, placement of the outlets to support the function of the space and the furniture.
    • Design the interior millwork including moldings, cabinets, fixtures, layouts etc.
  • Scope:
    • Visual Merchandiser
    • Graphic Designer
    • Product Designer
  • Eligibility:
    • 10 + 2
    • 1 year Diploma for lateral entry
    • 10 + 2 & 1 year Diploma in Interior Design (for direct entry in second year)

Three Year Program

  • Course Learning:
    • Importance of research and building accumulation in accordance to energy efficacy, estimate, and function. How to derive costing in interior design.
    • The bylaws, rules regulations and in interior design.
    • Practical knowledge over working in office under professionals.
  • Scope:
    • Interior Design Contractor
    • Production Designer (Theatre/TV/Film)
    • Exhibition Designer
  • Eligibility:
    • 10 + 2
    • 10 + 2 & 1 year Diploma in Interior Design (for direct entry in second year)